Voice of Existence

1. Photon Sphere
2. Bow to Eternity 
3. Devoted Silence
4. The Twelfth Planet
5. Sense of Sickness
6. Ziusudra
7. Oscillating Time
8. Burning My Will
9. The Skeptikal Chymist
10. Casting the Soul Through Blood

Worldwide Release: 7th of December 2018 | Label: Self-released

 Three  years since the release of the EP entitled ABSORPTION, Mexican death metal band INFECTIVE SYMPHONY are back with their strongest and most heavy release to date. The new album named VOICE OF EXISTENCE. 

Produced by Animal Records and V. Santura (Obscura, Triptykon, Dark Fortress), Voice of Existence is ten songs diverse and dives in the darkest topics of mankind past, present and future.

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1. Incubation
2. Mountains of Madness 
3. Domain of Darkness
4. Assembly & Release 
5. Slow Painful Death

Worldwide Release: 10th of March 2014 | Label: Self-released

Infective Symphony's debut EP Absorption carries their name as it is for the beggining of an infection that will last forever.

Produced by Sonoro Records, Absorption contains five songs with a mixture of Thrash Metal and Death Metal, coming from the roots of the band this was the start of everything.